At VIVA MUSIC we like to keep things simple and that includes our pricing structure.

However if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.  

  • We charge per lesson, by time, not age 

  • School age students are charged for a term of weekly lessons in advance (or pro-rata if you started mid term) 


  • We offer adult students more flexibility with payments and lesson types. Adults can choose weekly or fortnightly lessons and we can design a payment system that suits your work payment schedule. 



Private Instrumental Lessons

  • 30min - $45 per lesson 

  • 45min - $65 per lesson

  • 60min - $85 per lesson

We offer a sibling discount when two or more students of the same family take weekly private instrumental lessons 


The additional Sibling Discount charge

  • 30min - $40 per lesson

  • 45min - $63 per lesson

  • 60min - $80 per lesson



Group Classes are sold in packages of 10 (or pro-rata if the term is shorter), with the exception of adult meditation and choir which also has a drop in rate, details are shown below: (Please send us an email if you are interested in any of the classes listed below and as soon as we confirm day and time we will let you know)

Music Meditation & Yoga 

  • 60min x 10 lessons totalling $200 (children)

Music Meditation & Sound Bath (includes light supper)

  • 60min x 10 lessons totalling $100 (adult)

  • 60min x 5 lessons totalling $55 (adult)

  • 60min drop in rate $15 per lesson

Pre-school Classes (includes morning tea)

  • 45min x 10 lessons totalling $150 

Rhythm & Aural Classes (perfect for exam students)

  • 60min x 10 lessons totalling $200

Kids Choir 

  • 60min x 10 lessons totalling $200 

Adult Fun Choir (includes tea break, with emphasis on fun)

  • 90min x 10 lessons totalling $100

  • 90min drop in rate$15 per session 

Rock Band Classes (students must have a minimum of 2 years experience on their chosen instrument, with the exception of vocalists. All students have to undertake an audition)

  • 90min x 10 lessons $300