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You'll find some brief information on how to enrol below as well as some general polices below. 


An in-depth enrolment policy can be found by clicking on the PDF below.


You can find some more answers to FAQs by scrolling all the way down. 


We follow the Government Schools Yearly Term Schedule, and generally do not teach during the mid term breaks. 

Enrolments can be made any time throughout the year and you can book your FREE first lesson by by sending us an email via the CONTACT page .


Your FREE first lesson is used as a time to get to know the teacher, see how you get along and also discuss goals and expectations. 

The environment at the school is very fun and motivating and we have a dedicated waiting room, with free wifi available to all students and their guardian. 

Some important rules:

  • Lessons are conducted on a weekly basis at a dedicated time and day which has been prearranged prior to lesson commencement.

  • Lessons are charged on a per term basis, or pro-rata if a student begins mid term, in advance to the first registered lesson. 

  • If less then 24h notice is given to cancel a lesson, the lesson will be forfeit and no make up issued, unless the student presents a medical certificate. 

  • We allow only two make up lessons per term and these must be taken in the respective term the student was absent. More then two absences will be forfeited irrespective of notice or medical certificate.


                    If you have had your first free trial lesson and want to continue - click the button to fill out the registration form:










When can I start lessons? 

  • You can start lessons anytime throughout the year, email us to book in your free lesson


What times are you open?

  • Generally we teach from 3pm to 9pm Monday to Friday and 9am to 6pm on Saturday/Sunday. However for some adult students we may be able to accomodate lessons before 3pm. 


I am a complete beginner, can I still have lessons with you?

  • Absolutely! We are happy to teach any age and any musical level, especially the newbies.


Are lessons taught one on one or in groups?

  • At the moment we only offer one on one lessons for piano/guitar/singing. We do have some group classes in drums (rhythm), kids and adult choirs, music meditation and rock band - check out our LESSONS PAGE for more info.


I want my children to audition for High School Scholarships or audition for VCASS, can you prepare them?

  • Yes! we love getting students ready for auditions and have had taken a lot of students through this process so we can absolutely help you there. 


I am doing VCA can you get me ready?

  • Yes, Yes, Yes! We have taken lots of students through the VCA performance and musicianship process and will work closely with your school music teachers to help you prepare and achieve your potential.

Do you teach song writing, even to a complete beginner?

  • We can definitely get you started on your song writing journey and get your lyrics to music or vice versa

 Do you teach MUSIC THEORY?

  • We absolutely do! We can incorporate this in your regular weekly lesson or you can have private theory lessons. 

I want my kids to do MUSIC EXAMS, can you get them ready and take them to higher levels?

  • We have lots of students participate for AMEB exams (the most nationally recognised examination board). However we can also prepare them for TRINITY COLLEGE, ROYAL COLLEGE, ANZCA, St. CECILA and ROCK SCHOOL EXAMS. Depending on the number of students taking exams throughout the year, we also often host exams at our school, which means the students are familiar with the piano (yamaha U1)/rooms and feel comfortable 

I am preparing for an audition and need help, are you able to help me?

  • If your a musical theatre, opera geek or anything in between we will get you prepared for any audition you need help with. We also have a theatre specialist who can help you prepare a monologue or go over any scrips you need to master.

Do you use a specific program to teach from?

  • Lessons are very individual, as every person is different. However for primary age students we generally begin them on the Alfred Methodology Books for Piano and for Guitar/Drums & Singing we use a combination of methodology books and other resources. 

What ages do you take students?

  • We teach students of all ages, from age 4 to 100. Students under 4yrs can begin classes but they will generally be a combination of rhythm learning, singing, note learning and music familiarity, rather then a traditional sit at an instrument type lesson. Come in for a trial and we will judge if your child is ready for lessons.

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